Russia, Krasnoyarsk
pr. Mira, 54
Russia, Moscow
2 Year str., building 1
+7-950-984-98-91 +7-904-890-99-11 info@left-design.com

42.120P Tunguska restaurant

Country: Russia
City: Krasnoyarsk
Square: 950 m 2
Year: 2020
The concept of the new restaurant was to be closely connected with Siberia. We decided to create an atmosphere of an endless Siberian taiga and far north of Siberia, whilst also honoring our rivers – Enisey, Tunguska and many others that provide people with regional products. The majority of the materials used in this project are locally sourced. All interior elements are combined to create an unique, calm and cozy atmosphere that gives a real sense of luxury, which is mainly not for guests of Siberia but for its habitants to remember in what unique and beautiful place do we live.