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LEFTdesign - creative guys from Siberia who are in love with design. A team of professionals in the field of architecture and interior design. Our author's style has been repeatedly recognized by Russian and world authoritative awards in the field of design and architecture.
More than 10 years ago, the LEFTdesign studio was founded by leading designers Anna Gavrichkova and Gennady Dezhurnykh. During this time, the team has more than 100 successful projects in various fields: designing houses "from scratch", designing private and public interiors – from kindergartens to medical institutions, as well as restaurants, hotels and other objects of the hospitality industry.  
The geography of the implementation of LEFTdesign projects is not limited to Krasnoyarsk, where the studio is located, our projects adorn many cities of Russia: from Kaliningrad to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, including Moscow and St. Petersburg, CIS cities, as well as other countries.
The ability to evaluate the task facing the designer from different sides, multiplied by creativity, allows LEFTdesign to take on projects of any complexity and successfully implement them.
The design of private interiors has been pleasing its owners for years, and the design of public interiors has made a significant contribution to the relevance and demand for hotels, cafes and restaurants for a long time, as well as to the development and recognition of the whole region where LEFTdesign objects are located.
Gennady Dezhurnykh
founder, designer
Anna Gavrichkova
founder, designer
Marina Golovnina
Alina Zhavner
Anna Baronkina
Olga Lishaeva
Maria Lobanova