Russia, Krasnoyarsk
pr. Mira, 54
Russia, Moscow
2 Year str., building 1
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42.174P Pino cafe

Country: Russia
City: Krasnoyarsk
Square: 115 m 2
Year: 2023

photo by Vladimir Barabash

Creating Pino interior, we tried to convey the mood of Italy and the atmosphere of a cozy Italian bistro. We decorated modern space with the help of materials, colors, interior solutions turning it into “historical” space with the spirits of Tuscany and Florence.

Concrete fretwork used in the design of the bar, arches, slopes refers to the classical style. Terrazzo on the floor, Tuscan red on the walls, Italian designer chairs and decorative lamps by Bruno Munari, reminiscent of baroque pilasters, immerse guests in the atmosphere of a modern-styled trattoria.

Taking good care of sustainability and ecological issues, we used only natural materials in the project — concrete, gypsum, stone, wood.The minimalistic, but at the same time cozy and warm interior of the bistro sets the right mood for the space, matching the format of Pino, and invites it’s guests for relaxed enjoyable stay.