Russia, Krasnoyarsk
pr. Mira, 54
Russia, Moscow
2 Year str., building 1
+7-950-984-98-91 info@left-design.com

42.171P Krut! Pizza

Country: Russia
City: Krasnoyarsk
Square: 75 m 2
Year: 2023

photo by Vladimir Barabash
retouch by Nataly Prikladova

Creating the interior for Krut! Pizza, we took into account firstly the concept of a fast-food restaurant, and, secondly, the small area of the room. We aimed to create a bright, remarkable and outstanding interior.

One of the solutions was the use of daring bright colors, which are commonly found in fast food restaurants and which very perfectly suit the take-away pizzeria concept.

We also worked with one of our favorite design techniques — color blocking. The island bar in the center of the space divides the room into two color zones: sofas, tables and chairs, tiles are presented in bright red, while the walls and the seating area opposite are painted in deep black.

Scarlet metal pipes lighting and black-and-red frustum shaped lamps on sophisticated pendants add the interior a touch of brutalism and avant-garde.