Russia, Krasnoyarsk
pr. Mira, 54
Russia, Moscow
2 Year str., building 1
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Country: Russia
City: Moscow
Square: 96 m 2
Year: 2023

photo by Sergey Ananiev

We managed to visually expand the small space of the 0,75 Please Moscow restaurant by using reflective surfaces and mirrors.

The entire restaurant is set around a kitchen connected to a bar, which is the main zoning element of the space. This allows guests to observe the chef’s performance and creates bar seating area which makes the atmosphere dynamic and diverse.

Following the concept of the restaurant (cuisine of Northern Europe), we combined Scandinavian minimalism with elements reflecting Siberian character. Like Scandinavian style is tightly bound to nature, our interior is built on the principles of simplicity, naturalness and natural materials and textures. We brought the spirit of the forest into the interior as the main source of products for a Nordic-style cuisine: i.e. the patterns on the mirrors are associated with wood cuts.

By using different textures, we achieved a balanced and complete interior: tactile wooden furniture provides warmth and coziness, while gray mirror surfaces, rough metal, concrete floor and slightly painted brick walls add a cool Nordic character to the atmosphere.

Accent details — deep anthracite sofas and chairs in combination with dark window frames, a delicate copper lamp-art object — are repeatedly reflected in the mirror surfaces, creating bright and spectacular interior.