Russia, Krasnoyarsk
pr. Mira, 54
Russia, Moscow
2 Year str., building 1
+7-950-984-98-91 info@left-design.com

42.157P Varvara+Jérôme

Country: Russia
City: Krasnoyarsk
Square: 134 m 2
Year: 2022

photo by Sergey Melnikov

Varvara+Jerome is both a French pastry-bakery and love story where Paris and Krasnoyarsk are inseparable: croissants and Siberian pies, crispy baguettes and hot Borodinsky bread.

Creating the interior, we were inspired by Parisian brasserie with Viennese chairs, rattan and big windows light kaleidoscope reflected in the mirrors. Warm shades of birch wood and coral, soft gray are the three main colors of the pastry-bakery interior, and Varvara + Jerome petunia-shape lamps were tailor-made from natural wool by local craftsmen using the “felting” method.

As a result, we have cozy minimalism, the very place “with light inside” — this is how Hemingway described Parisian cafes. But snugness here is thanks to both the Frenchman Jerome and Varvara with a Siberian soul and delicate felt boot-lamps: their love has become a symbol of the place that you really want to come back again and again.