Russia, Krasnoyarsk
pr. Mira, 54
Russia, Moscow
2 Year str., building 1
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Country: Russia
City: Krasnoyarsk
Square: 1,254 m 2
Year: 2022

The architectural project of the private house is made in modernism. Inspired by the work of Brazilian modernists — one of the brightest representatives of the style, LEFTdesign architects have created an extraordinary project in metal and concrete.

House location on the bank of Yenisey, panoramic views of the river and the Sayan Mountains were of primary importance when designing the project. As a result, from all the major rooms with panoramic windows (living room, bedrooms, indoor pool) and outdoor locations, you can enjoy the meditative flow of the river and breathtaking views.

Metal beams dividing the house into blocks make it dynamic. Cold grey concrete and dark metal are supported by wooden elements, continuing in the decoration of the terrace. It counterbalances the brutal architecture, adding elements of coziness and tactility. Concrete blocks with circle-form holes have both a decorative function, creating playful shadows on the facade and in the interior, and practical one, saving large stained glass by the staircase from the bright sun and curtains as additional element.

Interior follows the architecture and corresponds to the house aesthetics: unique decorative blocks repeating the facade pattern are used, and the walls are decorated with bas-reliefs that convey a connection with nature and the landscape outside. There is a floral bas—relief on the woman’s bedroom walls, reflecting meadow plants and created by Alexander Zikunov; in the men’s bedroom there is a voluminous interpretation of the works of Yuri Averin, one of the most famous Krasnoyarsk artists, based on the Yenisei River and made by the artist himself together with Alexander.

Austerity in architecture, typical for modernism, is supported by minimalistic landscape design, which, complementing architectural integrity, does not shift the focus from the main attraction of the site — a stunning view of the Yenisey river and Sayan mountains.